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Fun Activities For Senior Daters


find seniorsSenior daters are still young at heart and can do a lot of fun activities together. Even though it may seem that they don’t have too many options, as most fun activities cater towards younger population. Also since the senior citizens of today grew up during the times that entertainment was not so dependent on technology that they might not be able to enjoy or even appreciate some of the fun activities that the younger crowd would crave. But this can be an advantage as well, as this can lead to most seniors enjoying even the simple things in life like going out for a walk through the woods which lot of youngsters would just hate because they would lose internet connectivity on their smart phones in the woods. So such activities would be fun for most seniors but would be really hated by youngsters.


Music can be a fun activity if both you and your partner have appreciation for it. Listening to music is of course enjoyable to most people but how about learning to play a musical instrument. Would you and your partner want to take up a new hobby like learning to play the piano? This may be extremely enjoyable and interesting thing to do. If learning a musical instrument is not your thing then how about dancing? Dance classes are filled with folks over 40 who always wanted to learn dancing but never found the time for it. Even if you have never thought about learning to dance, I would encourage that you and your partner go for a trial class. Most dance studios offer a trial class to encourage you to explore if you have an interest in dance. Taking up dance is not only fun but also good for health as it provides a good workout. It is also very good for intimacy and will bring you closer to your partner.


Other fun activities could be going on fishing or hiking trips together. These activities require time and maybe something that you missed out on when you were younger. Going on such trips can be a lot of fun and would bring you closer to each other as you are out enjoying nature. You can get to know each other a lot better on such trips. Another activity which can be fun for some is gardening. For gardening you certainly need some interest in this field. If watching a plant grow and flowers on it blossom as a result of your hard work gives you satisfaction, this could be a fun activity to take up. Though with gardening it is possible that only one of you enjoy it and the other might find it extremely boring in which case I suggest that you drop this, as you are not looking to do things that takes you guys apart but bring you closer.


Another activity on similar lines is taking up an outdoor sport that you both enjoy. There are lots of sports from tennis to snooker that you can take on. These activities not only stimulate your mind but also provide health benefits. There are several sports which seniors can quickly pick up and enjoy. You might want to consider something that both of you love to play.


Going out to watch movies is of course a very well known fun activity; it is so popular that I didn’t even need to mention it here. But you should remember that this is something you should indulge in if there is nothing else more fun you can do. Even though going out for a movie is easy and doesn’t require much of planning or preparation, it is really not an activity that will bring you much closer. When you go for a movie, it is just time spent watching something in a dark room with little to no communication between each other. Of course after the movie you may discuss it together but there are a lot of other fun activities that you can take up that have much more benefits and add value to your life than watching a movie.


Finally words of caution, whatever you decide to do after reading this article do pick up something. Don’t just slouch in front of the television. This is a major issue with seniors; they just think that rather than going out and enjoying something, they would just sit in front of the television and pass their time. Watching TV for long periods of time makes you irritable and leads to lower communication among couples and finally even drifting away from each other. So please do something fun rather than just wasting the golden years of your life in front of the TV.