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About Us has been created to help single seniors with dating. We find that for seniors, dating is not easy and we want to make it a little bit easier for them by helping them find the right partner quickly and hopefully without going too much out of their comfort zone. We help seniors not only with dating but also help them find friends or pen pals. This is not a generic dating site as most generic sites don't cater to seniors; their target audience is mostly younger folks.


Here you will find a large socially active community of seniors who want to share their life with someone special. On any given day hundreds of people use our services to search for beautiful, attractive, single seniors in their local area or outside. Creating a profile on our site is free and we have made sure that our site has very easy to understand navigational design and user interface.


Benefits Of Online Dating

Online dating is extremely easy and non-challenging. Walking up to someone in a bar or church can be very intimidating but sending an online flirt message or expressing interest in someone on the dating portal can be very non-threatening. Also upon getting rejected or interest not reciprocated by someone on a website does not usually feel hurtful but the same happening in a social setting can really hurt your ego and self confidence. Also through our site you can potentially express interest in hundreds of profiles on a single day which of course is impossible offline.


If you have never tried online dating, you are surely missing out on the most powerful method available today of dating or meeting someone special.


Free Information

We have also tried to put together a lot of information on our site regarding senior dating, tips for online dating, how to avoid heart ache in relationships, gift ideas for dating, how to be successful on first date, etc. We have put this information together because we notice that lot of seniors are extremely hesitant to try dating again as it may be a few years since they last dated someone. So they feel that their skills have gone rusty and they have lost their attractiveness. This information is intended to help seniors deal with such issues and understand that the dating game hasn’t changed a whole lot in the last several years and that they can quickly learn and be successful at it.


If you are interested to know more about a specific topic, you can contact us. We have chosen to only recommend services in our articles that we have thoroughly researched.


We sincerely hope that you find our website of value to you. Please leave us your feedback to help us improve our service.


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